While the GSM Galaxy Nexus has been running Jelly Bean since Google I/O, there hasn't been a single word of the update for the Verizon Nexus. Until now.

Last night, one lucky XDA member received a system update on his phone to install build JRO03O, which is the newest Jelly Bean build we've heard of.


It's pretty evident that this is just a test build, as there's nary a word about the update anywhere else; even Verizon's support channel is void of any info. What this does indicate, however, is that Big Red is testing the update, so we'll hopefully see a final OTA shortly.

If you can't wait that long, however, you can actually grab this update now directly from Google. Word of warning, though: since this is just a test build, you must be on a stock handset with the latest OTA (IMM76Q) before flashing. It also looks like this build includes a new bootloader (PRIMELC03), as well as new radios (FF02 CDMA/FG02 LTE); the latter alone may make it worth your while to give this build a shot.

For more info, including download links to IMM76Q, check out this thread on XDA.

[Thanks, Scott!]