If you asked someone off the street what Everything Everywhere was, they probably wouldn't have a clue what you were talking about. The company is yet to establish its own brand presence in the UK, but it's certainly busy setting things up behind the scenes.

For those of you who don't know, the company has been around for a while, ever since the merger of T-Mobile and Orange. Just last week, we learnt that the network would be the first to launch 4G in the UK, and now it's partnered with MasterCard to offer NFC payments on its devices in a 5-year deal.

The move is certainly beneficial to both companies; Everything Everywhere houses 27 million customers, making it the largest network in the UK. This is great exposure for MasterCard's mobile payments plans, and shows Everything Everywhere to be on the cutting edge of technology, as contactless payments are only just making their way into UK stores and debit cards.

If the move captures the attention of the UK public, it could see NFC payments widely adopted in the country for the first time. Despite 100,000 retailers being equipped to take contactless payment, I've yet to see a single person take advantage of it in store, whether they're using a card or a smartphone.

Via: TechCrunch