As a long time Android user, ASTRO is one of those apps that has been on nearly every device I own/have owned. I've seen it change and progress over the years, and to this day it remains one of my favorite file managers.

And it just got even better on Jelly Bean devices.

Screenshot_2012-08-28-20-42-34 Screenshot_2012-08-28-20-42-27 Screenshot_2012-08-28-20-42-48

The app received an update today that brings a beautiful new UI to Jelly Bean devices; don't worry, the ASTRO team will be bringing it to "other" devices shortly. The look and feel is very Holo Light, which works quite well for this type of app. Swiping left to right displays the side bars that you see above, making quick navigation to other areas of the file system a breeze to get to.

Overall, this update is both gorgeous  and functional. If you have a Jelly Bean device and don't have ASTRO installed, now's the time to get it.