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In the (annoyingly) highly-publicized case between Apple and Samsung, it took the jury just a few short days to come to the conclusion that Samsung had infringed on many of Apple's patents. The trial is certainly far from over (and there are doubts about how much attention the jury paid to detail, given that they answered 700 questions in 3 days). Still, that Samsung has to pay nearly $1.05bn in damages to Apple is likely to shake up other Android manufacturers no matter how the case plays out through the inevitable appeals.

It's hard to say what will happen from here. Will Tim Cook's Apple fulfill Steve Job's desire to see Android wiped off the map, or are they content to simply have made an example of the most egregious and successful of imitators? No matter how they proceed, the outcome of this case is certain to have an effect on the industry. With Google now in the fray via proxy (Motorola) because there's no reasonable avenue left, and numerous other similar cases raging on around the world, it's difficult to say what the legal effects will be.


We can speculate on what the overall effect on the industry will be, though. Will the ruling spur innovation, encouraging new ways of interacting with our devices and the changing how they convey information,  or will it have the opposite effect? Will this lead to half-solutions and workarounds that will ultimately prove detrimental to Android? Perhaps you think that it will be a combination of the above - or even that there won't be any real outcome at all.

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