Back in June, the action RPG Heroes Call THD hit the market for all Tegra devices. Naturally, the development team wants to get their game out for as many devices as possible, and as of today, it officially supports all Android device.

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Much like Dead Trigger, the game can be installed on basically any Android device, and supports enhanced graphic effect for those running the Tegra 3 chip. Otherwise, the game is same across all devices, and it looks like a winner:

Not only is the game now available for all devices, but it also received a pretty major update for those who already play:

Our biggest update yet:
•The Shadow Assassin emerges from darkness!
•Take on the ultimate challenge and start a HARD MODE character.
•You asked, we've delivered - gem currency removed - all purchases now made with gold. If you had gems, we've turned them into gold. Lots of gold.
•Replay missions earns much more gold and gear.
•Story missions now play out linearly and make more sense.
Everything we've added you asked for - keep the feedback coming!

The game is completely free, so hit the widget below and give it a shot.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

[Thanks, @_ERib]