We hear a lot of rumors around here, and it's not always easy to decide which ones to cover. Some we cover just because of how ridiculous they are, but usually we stick to ones we think hold merit. This one, though... well, I just can't decide which category it falls into, but it might be a little of both.

A tipster has told GSMArena that Samsung will announce a Galaxy S III-esque point-and-shoot alongside the Note 2 at IFA next week.  Think a Galaxy S III that's just under twice as thick (which, let's be honest, would still be pretty thin for a camera) and packs "a 16MP sensor and 10x zoom, with a pop-out Xenon flash and a curved right side aimed at improving its ergonomics." The chuckle-inducingly bad name will apparently be Samsung Galaxy Camera. Sounds reasonable enough, right?

Where they lose me is that the camera will come in two flavors: WiFi only, and 3G+WiFi. I find it hard to believe that, especially when the prices of 3G/4G tablets have been so high and sales so weak. In the US, especially, where most consumers are already being gouged by AT&T and Verizon, it's hard to imagine people are looking for even more ways to fork over some cash every month.

There are other factors to consider. As mentioned by Electronista, Samsung filed for a trademark on the name "Samsung Galaxy Camera" back in February, and we've seen two Android-powered cameras in recent memory: the Polaroid SC1630, and Nikon Coolpix S800c.

All told, I think it's likely we'll see an Android-based camera from Samsung. I'm just a little iffy on the details above. Luckily, we won't have long to find out, as IFA starts in just under a week.

Update from Artem: One of our trusted sources confirmed that an Android-based Samsung camera does exist, giving this report additional credibility, though we don't have any further details at this point.

[Source: GSMArena]