If you're anything like us, you've been closely eyeing the Apple v. Samsung verdict as it was just read (a bit sooner than expected). While Apple won just under half its requested sum in damages, and swept up a handful of patent infringement victories, Samsung had some patent-related bones to pick with Cupertino.

In a broad motion, the jury found Apple not to be infringing on any of Samsung's purported patents, awarding Sammy a grand total of $0.00 in damages to be paid by Apple. Samsung's patent claims were primarily against the iPhone, iPhone 3G/s, and the iPod Touch, including the '711, '893, '406, and '516 patents. Here's a quick rundown of what each patent actually means:

  • 711 – This patent relates to MP3 playback. Specifically, the playback of MP3s in an MP3 "mode," which allows the user to multitask and do other things on the device while playing an MP3.
  • 893 – This one's about digital cameras. This patent, too, relies on the concept of a "mode," rather than specific software (apps). This is the patent for the way in which a device's gallery remembers which photo the user last viewed, and returns to it when the gallery is again accessed.
  • 406 – The 406 patent primarily concerns the taking and sending of photos through email. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • 516 – This one is a little more technical, specifically relating to, according to Cnet, "scaling down the transmit of power of certain radio broadcast channels before other channels, to give priority to the most important data channels."

In the end, Samsung was awarded absolutely nil for their claims on utility patents, and while Apple was not successful in proving any of them invalid, the decision definitely doesn't help the sting of the rest of today's outcome for Sammy.

Source: The Verge Live