After catching sight of Jelly Bean for Samsung's Galaxy SIII on video, then seeing a leaked build for the i9300 pop up on XDA, it looks like T-Mobile's variant of Sammy's latest powerhouse has its own leaked Jelly Bean goodness.

Earlier today, XDA user LuffarJoh posted up what seems to be an early (though enticing) OTA file for T-Mobile's Galaxy SIII (aka T999) that will bring your device up to 4.1.1. While it's exciting to get a hold of Jelly Bean for T-Mo's SIII a little it early, the OTA (which carries build JRO03L) is not without its caveats.

For starters, users looking to flash the new build will need to be running stock build T999UVALH2 first (don't worry – it can easily be downloaded). Users may also lose root when applying the update (at the very least, your recovery will be overwritten). The build seems to have a few technical issues as well – Wi-Fi calling seems to be dysfunctional, and there are a few bugs to work out with the stock browser and video player. Additionally, Google Now may or may not work, and users could see some general performance issues or lag.

All of that being said, here are a few screenshots:

Screenshot_2012-08-24-05-50-06 Screenshot_2012-08-24-05-46-03 Screenshot_2012-08-24-05-50-34

If your T-Mo branded Galaxy SIII is already rooted and running stock, getting a hold of some Jelly Bean goodness is an absolute breeze, provided you're willing to accept the risks/bugs discussed above. If you're ready to dive in, just hit the source link below.

Source: XDA Forums

Thanks, Hans-Erik!