A platform can never have too many zombies, and thanks to a new co-op survival game called Call of Mini, Android now has a few more.

The popular iOS game came to the Play Store yesterday, and allows players to work with each other and take down hoards of zombies with whatever weapons they can find. Machine gun, chainsaw, rocket launcher, anything goes.


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As well as a co-op mode, the game also allows you to play against other people in VS mode, from which you can gain various rewards. As you play each mode on the game more, you can pick up some achievements that are on offer, adding to the re-play value of the game.

If you want to try it out, you can download Call of Mini: Zombies for free from the Play Store (it's also available on Amazon, but it will cost you $0.99), with lots of in-app purchase options providing you with coins to help you compete against the zombies and other players.