Last week, after Google Maps received a public transit-minded update, it became apparent that the app wasn't playing nice with the HTC Rezound. Befuddled user reports spilled in, relaying tales of inexplicable reboots and crashes. As always, the community found a solution but, unfortunately, the only solution ended up being the "uninstall updates" button.

T-Mobile today acknowledged the Maps update's issues with certain handsets, posting a support document related to the HTC Sensation 4G's problems with the app. The solution T-Mobile suggests? Hit the "uninstall updates" button. While a somewhat disappointing answer for Maps users hoping to use the app's latest iteration in peace, the post did have some good news. According to the post, both HTC and Google are already aware of the issue:

HTC is currently working with Google to investigate this issue. HTC is confident that a solution will be available in the future.

How far "in the future" users can expect to see a solution from HTC – or how many devices are seeing this issue – remains to be seen, but the fact that HTC and Google are actively working on the problem is a good sign. To see T-Mobile's full post, or to get instructions on rolling back Maps' update, just hit the source link below.

Source: T-Mobile Support