Pandora for Android received a big update this morning, which brought a brand new UI to the app, in addition to a host of other new features.

Users of the app can now browse their song history if they want to find a track that they liked in the past, and those tracks can be reviewed, rated, or bookmarked whilst browsing.

pandora-1 pandora-2 pandora-3

If you love a particular track, you can now dive into the information associated with it to find a full bio of the artist, as well as tracks and artists similar to the song that you're currently listening to. For those of you who like to sing along to your music, you can also view all of the lyrics to the song so that you don't end up looking like this...

If you already have Pandora installed on your device, you can update it through the Play store. Users who haven't yet downloaded the app can do so for free.