Space games are a dime a dozen. Finding one that looks good is a bit of a challenge. Star Splitter manages to accomplish the task, though. This space-based rail shooter has bright and complex scenery and a pretty cool system for ship upgrades and universes to explore. For the price tag of free, it's a pretty well-rounded game.

The one major downfall is that the controls can be a bit janky. While you have your choice of accelerometer or touch screen controls, you only move the ship itself around. This, in turn, decides where your ship's guns are pointing. It's a bit like trying to walk a cat by attaching a rope to its tail. It's a very indirect way of controlling an already stubborn system and it's likely to frustrate everyone involved.

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That being said, once you get used to how the controls work, it does become quite a bit easier. Plus, the game looks great. It's not exactly beautiful, per se, but it is one of the more finely-designed space shooters I've seen. Coupled with a variety of weapons and levels to explore, it looks to be at least a decent time waster. And did I mention it's free?

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