In a post to Google's Mobile Ads blog today, YouTube Group Project Manager Phil Farhi announced that those pre-video, skippable advertisements you've seen on YouTube (they're officially called TrueView in-stream video ads) are quick on their way to mobile devices.

Fahri cites greater ROI as the primary benefit of multi-platform ad exposure through YouTube and its associated mobile experiences, also noting that "today, most of us watch video on our smartphones and tablets, as well as our PCs." This consumption-oriented behavior pattern's spread across multiple platforms effectively opens the door for what Fahri calls "multi-screen campaigns," which not only expose viewers to an advertiser's campaign across multiple devices, but also – and perhaps more importantly – improves brand recall.

skippable-ad-landscape-screenshot skippable-ad-portrait-screenshot-2

For the advertisers in the crowd, the blog entry notes that early indicators already suggest that users interact with TrueView ads on mobile devices in the same ways they do on their desktops. The post also provides helpful links for advertisers looking to get started with TrueView, or edit settings for their existing campaigns, which are already rolling out to mobile users.

To read the full post, just hit the source link below.

Source: Google Mobile Ads Blog