Flickr is something of a dinosaur in the rocket-paced world of online photo services, but pros and amateurs alike have stuck to it in the millions. Sadly the Android app hasn't always kept pace with the many options provided on Yahoo's web service. The gap between app and web grows a little smaller today as Flickr 1.5 hits the Play Store, keeping its freemium service but adding a visual overhaul and a handful of new features.

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First of all, the user interface has a bit of a facelift. It's still not what I'd call gorgeous (check out the brand-new Pinterest app for that) and it's a long way from complying with the standards or even style of the Holo UI, but every little bit helps. Your photo stream is treated in a fashion similar to a social network, with updated from your own photos and followed users populating the main page. Pull down on the page to refresh it, like most popular Twitter clients.  Taking and sharing photos has been given a few much-needed options, like the ability for exhibitionists to shoot with the front-facing camera and the ability to edit the details on photos that you've already posted.

Last but not least, the lackluster search function has been greatly improved, and the pages for individual photos can now read the HTML posted by web users. Should you want to, you can add HTML tags yourself and they'll be readable on the Flickr website. Get after it, shutterbugs. 

Developer: Flickr, Inc.
Price: Free