Facebook's official app for Android got a nice update today, bringing with it just a few changes, though the enhancements it does bring do make the app just a tad more intuitive and functional.

The update includes a new event creation interface that allows users schedule events of all types in a snap, choosing locations, times, and privacy settings all from one screen. Also included is a "new upload flow" for sharing photos. This may sound vague but the idea is that, with the new update, Facebook's "photo" action (when you check in or simply choose to upload a photo from the main screen) will dump you into a list of all the photos on your device, allowing you to tap as many as you like for upload at once. Finally, the update brings the ability to add photos and emoji to messages – a feature that, while not super practical, is convenient to have.

Screenshot_2012-08-23-01-24-36 Screenshot_2012-08-23-01-27-57

Though Play Store reviews may attest that Facebook's Android app still doesn't make a fully capable replacement for its web counterpart, enhancements like these are certainly a step in the right direction. To grab the update, just check your device for a prompt or hit the widget below.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+