Adobe might have had to bow out of the video playback game on Android when Flash failed to catch on, but the company has some other products you might be interested in. Adobe Connect is a service that manages virtual meetings on computers and mobile devices. The app has been lagging behind the competition in the features department for a while now, but the new 2.0 update adds plenty of business-centric goodies.

Adobe Connect allows you to join and initiate meetings wherein you can share PowerPoints, text documents, PDFs, or videos. On mobile devices, you can also share the video stream from the front or rear cameras to the other virtual meeting attendees. Keep in mind that this is a tablet-focused app, and most of the new features are not available on smartphones. At any rate, the new features in 2.0 include:

  • Manage meeting audio
  • Invite others
  • Start, stop, pause and resume recordings
  • Enable Web Camera rights for all participants at once
  • Switch layouts
  • Share content from the Adobe Connect content library
  • Share local files and photos
  • Use drawing tools on your slides and images
  • Use emoticons
  • Quickly join conference calls
  • Stepped away indication appears when multi-tasking away from app
  • Participate in breakout rooms

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You will need to have Adobe AIR installed, but not all phones and tablets are supported by Adobe Connect itself. Popular devices like the Galaxy S III, Asus Transformer, and HTC One X are in, but the Nexus 7 is out. Lastly, while the app is free, the service requires a paid subscription after the 30-day trial period. You're looking at $45-55 per month or $0.32 per-minute without a monthly plan.

Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free