ooVoo, the popular mobile video call app, has been updated to v1.3.4, bringing a number of new features and changes for Android users.

The most noticeable addition in the latest version is that users can now hold 4-way video calls right from their phones, taking advantage of fast Wi-fi and LTE connections to display multiple video streams all at once. This gives the service a big advantage against competitors such as Skype, which only allows free users to chat with one person at a time.

Also new in this latest version is the addition of push notifications, which ensures that you can always receive a call, regardless of whether you currently have the app open or not. If you do miss a call, you will be notified like you would if you missed a phone call.

ooVoo-4way ooVoo-call-notification oovoo-contact-options

Although ooVoo is available on both Android and iOS, only Android users will be able to take advantage of the new widget that is available in this version of the app. If you choose to place the widget on your home screen, you will be able to see at a glance who is online, and begin a video call right from your home screen. This is a really neat feature for heavy users of the service, as it allows you to call someone without first opening the app and finding them from a list of contacts.

Like previous versions of the app, this latest revision is free to download from the Play Store.

Source: Press Release