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Look around the web and it seems like whenever anyone has a "how can I make my <Android device> do ______," the answer is invariably "root it." And to anyone involved in the Android community, you get the impression that most Android users are rooted. Unfortunately, what people tend to forget is that while a few million Android users may be rooted, there are hundreds of millions of active Android devices out there - meaning rooted users represent a small minority of owners.

While I understand that asking readers of an Android blog if they're rooted is like Motor Trend asking its readers if they've ever popped the hood of their car, I'm still curious what percentage of you are rooted. To many of us, the benefits of rooting are obvious; to others, the costs make it not worth it.

Vote in the poll, then share your thoughts below. But please, don't lecture others for their decision or opinion - we all know how annoying that can get.

Is Your Primary Android Device Rooted?

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