The existence of the successor to Samsung's surprise hit Galaxy Note is hardly a secret. And if they're going to display it anywhere, it'll be at the IFA in Berlin, where the original was first shown off last year. It looks like Sammy is done with subtle insinuations (not to mention tablet adaptations) and is ready to formally tease us: they've posted the first video for their Unpacked event at the show later this month. What makes us think that the fleeting glances in the video are the Galaxy Note 2? Take a look for yourself.

Aside from the fact that it will once again have a stylus S-Pen and is apparently favored by obscure German art film directors, we're still very much in the dark on what the Galaxy Note 2 (or whatever it might be called) will look like. Samsung is going for the same creativity angle that was featured in much of the marketing last year. The idea that it's a super-sized version of the Galaxy S III, with a bigger screen and faster processor compared to the original Note, seems like a safe bet. At least it'll only be a little over a week until we find out: Samsung's event is scheduled for August 29th. Feel free to post your guesses in the comments.