Ever since the Pebble Smartwatch got millions in funding from Kickstarter, other companies have been coming out of the woodwork in hopes of getting a smartwatch on your wrist. The Martian smartwatch is a slightly different take on the concept, though. These devices would be based mostly on voice commands over Bluetooth.

The video is clearly using a lot of Siri commands, which Android devices won't support. Since this is essentially a fancy Bluetooth device, all the voice commands that work through a regular Bluetooth headset on your phone will be available with Martian. If you've got S Voice or Google Now you should have a fair number of functions, but it's not going to be consistent across devices. Taking calls over Bluetooth with the Martian should work on everything.

The watch will come in three different styles, ranging from a little tacky to fairly attractive. All the proposed designs have a regular analog clock taking up about half the face, and the other half has a small OLED scrolling display for caller ID and notifications. I'm not sure how I feel about the aesthetic, but these devices do at least look a little more like regular watches.


You can get in on the action for $95, which reserves one of the low-end G2G Martian watches. A few bucks more and you can get the Victory or Passport. If you're feeling confident, that's about $100 off the expected retail prices. The Kickstarter seems to be picking up steam, so the devices may actually ship in January 2013 as promised.