My fellow Bank of America customers, lend me your ears! No longer do you need to sit in embarrassed silence as Chase Bank and PayPal users show off the ability to deposit checks magically through their smartphones. Now you too can revel in the futuristic technology of 2011, having waited only a year for the largest banking institution in the country to update its Android app in line with non government-subsidized competitors. Truly, this is a great day for every BofA customer!

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Sarcasm aside, mobile check depositing is the one thing that users of Bank of America's mobile app have been craving more than any other. The rest of the now standard features are still here, including transfers, bill pay and the new ability to transfer money to others by simple phone number or email exchange. There's also the new BankAmeriDealsTM [sic] feature, a cash-back loyalty program with participating retailers. The app's still not much to look at and there's certainly speedier options out there (like using the mobile web site) but it's good to see that Bank of America is at least trying to move with the times.

Thanks, @JirafoBo!