TeamViewer, the company behind a widely popular collaboration/remote support software solution, has brought to market a new app specifically aimed at Samsung devices, releasing QuickSupport to Google's Play Store today.

The app is essentially a remote control app meant just for Samsung devices –  it allows access to Samsung mobile devices from Mac, Linux, or Windows computers running TeamViewer's software. While TeamViewer already has an Android app, this is the first app under the TV name allowing control of a mobile device from a computer and not vice versa.

For those wondering just how many practical applications this may have, TeamViewer spells out some possibilities ranging from IT departments resolving employee issues with Samsung devices to simply performing basic tasks like editing SMS messages and checking emails on your phone from your computer.

QuickSupport, like the rest of TeamViewer's software, is secure – it utilizes 256-Bit AES session encoding to ensure that remote capabilities aren't compromised. That being said, setting up and using QuickSupport is as easy as anyone could hope.

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The app is compatible with any Samsung mobile device running "original Samsung Android firmware" based on Android 2.3 or later. If you happen to be a TeamViewer user with a burning desire to remotely control your Samsung device, just hit the widget below to grab the download.

Via TeamViewer

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