It's that time again, indie gamers: the much-loved Humble Bundle has returned for a third go-round on Android. As before, you can name your own price for popular Android games Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, SpaceChem and Uplink, giving the cash to worthy non-profits Child's Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or a combination thereof. If you pay more than the average (currently just below $6) you get a bonus game, Spirits. All games include a free digital soundtrack and desktop versions for PC, Mac and Linux, with Steam integration for those who are so inclined.

humble bundle 3

The games featured have enjoyed some notable success already: Fieldrunners is a staple of the tower defense genre, Bit.Trip Beat is an appropriately trippy mashup of Breakout-style nostalgia and rhythm gaming, SpaceChem brings pseudoscience and ambient puzzles together, and Uplink simulates "hacking" in text-based international espionage. The new bonus game, Spirits, has you guiding fallen leaves to their destination with some beautiful 2D platforming. Bit.Trip Beat, Uplink and Spirits are brand new to Android.

Unfortunately, Humble can't integrate with the Google Play Store, so after purchasing the games you'll need to download and side-load them onto your phone or tablet. But they're all DRM-free, and payments from PayPal, Amazon and Google Wallet make getting them easy. If past bundles are anything to go by, more games may be added before the August 29th deadline. Oh, and a plea to our more frugal readers: this is for charity, and in support of developers who have donated their top-notch games to the cause. Don't be the jerk who pays a penny.

Humble Bundle for Android 3