One of the most common complaints against Google's Play Store is the lack of certain content or functionality in countries outside the US. Google has been making progress in expanding access to other corners of the globe, though. You may remember, for example, that Play Books hit France just last month after Play Movies opened for the French in March and for Spain in June.

Today, Google (finally) brought Play Movie rentals to Germany, much to the delight of German users who have been asking for more Play content for quite some time. Strangely, the addition of movie rentals to the German market came without an official announcement, but was confirmed by multiple Twitter users and our own readers.

Giving German users even more to be excited about, Google officially announced that Google+ Hangouts On Air are now available to Germany, along with a host of other countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Greece, Romania, and Senegal. Oh, and Ghana.

While we can't be certain that the opening of Play Movie rentals to Germany is a precursor to the addition of even more Play Store content (as one hopeful tweeter suggests above), it's definitely a good sign that Google's European Play offerings are continuing to expand. For more information on the spread of Hangouts On Air through Europe, click through to Google Deutschland's product blog below.

Source: Google Deutschland Product Blog