Google has released an update to its social network app on Android today that should please Hangout enthusiasts both young and old. For starters, now you can join Hangouts on Air via your mobile device (like the one we use to broadcast our weekly podcast every Thursday at 8pm EST hint hint). This is fantastic news as Hangouts on Air are among the most useful application of the already-awesome Hangouts feature. Unfortunately, until recently, you could only join via a desktop, but no more!

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Additionally, Google is now allowing teens to create and join Hangouts via mobile. Which, apparently, they could not do before. I have no kids and it's been a very long time since I was a teenager, so news to me! Hopefully Google has considered some kind of parental controls as well—giving teenagers the ability to broadcast video of themselves from a mobile phone to anyone on Google+ seems like a PR nightmare waiting to happen—but either way, now the youngun's can get in on the group-video-chat-with-pirate-hats action.

Aside from those two big ones, a few minor features have been introduced as well. Shortcuts for post creation have been added to the main feed, users can now report abuse on Events pages, and something called "floating timestamp in photos view" that I'm sure will make at least three people squeal with glee. Somewhere.

The update is available via the Play Store right now. Go check it out!

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free