If you've ever been caught without your phone charger, or perhaps without a nearby power outlet, you understand the potential value of having an external charging pack or two lying around. If you've ever considered picking up a charging pack but haven't been able to find a cost-effective opportunity to do so, today's deal from New Trent and Amazon is your chance.

It's been a while since we last saw a deal from New Trent on their external battery packs and chargers, but users over at SlickDeals have spotted a good one – until August 21, 2012, battery junkies can grab NT's 7100mAh and 5200mAh packs together for just $55.00. For reference, the 5200mAh pack is normally priced at ~$34, with the 7100mAh pack costing ~$50. In total, the deal can save customers almost $30.


To take advantage of the deal, customers need only add both items (linked below) to their Amazon cart and enter the promo code TRITORCH at checkout. Simple as that.

New Trent: 5200mAh Pack, 7100mAh pack

Source: SlickDeals