Have you ever seen a mind-blowing app that's sure to change the way you use Android... only to be discouraged by a $6.99 asking price? Or maybe one of your regular apps has updated and broken some core functionality, and you have to uninstall it and just wait for the next version. Now there's a service that will keep tabs on your somewhat neglected apps and convert it into an RSS feed for your favorite reader. AppFeed.net is free, easy and an absolute lifesaver if you're not in the habit of constantly checking the Google Play Store.


First, log in to the service here, using your Google or Twitter account. Click the Applications tab on the top of the website, then add apps based on their Google Play Store page. Click My Feeds, and you'll appropriately bee given a choice of RSS and Atom feeds. Plug that link into Google Reader or your RSS reader of choice. Then sit back and wait for AppFeed to send you updates just as soon as they hit the store. Sure, it's a bit of a niche market, but those who need this kind of thing really need it (including more than one of your friendly neighborhood Android Police staff writers).