The Men Who Wear Many Hats may have struck undead gold with their debut entry into Google's Play Store. Organ Trail is pretty much what it sounds like – a take on the classic nostalgia-fest that is the Oregon Trail, but with zombies, bandits, and an upgradeable station wagon. The game, which started on the web, hit Android recently, delivering the same epic experience players of the original would expect.

Bringing to Android the "delicious Apple 2 pixel art" and "retro beeps and boops" players of the Oregon Trail love, Organ Trail: Director's Cut offers hours and hours of gameplay through desolate landscapes full of zombies in which players are susceptible not only to the undead, but to dysentery and 9 other diseases.

Players will also be forced to put down members of their party in danger of turning, manage food, ammo, fuel, and medical supplies, trade with survivors, fix the station wagon, and take jobs.

The game also has zombie boss fights, "choose-your-own-adventure" gameplay elements, a weather system, and a nice achievement system and survivor leaderboard. What's more, players can write tomb stones for their fallen party-mates, and view over 400 community-written stones.

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Organ Trail: Director's Cut is – no doubt – an awesome game – its concept is simple, brilliant, and (most importantly) well-executed. The game carries a reasonable $2.99 price tag in the Play Store, and it's worth every penny. Hit the widget below to grab the download.