Mapsaurus, released today by a developer team of the same name, is perhaps the new app to end all new apps. By pairing an interactive map of Google's Play Store with an intuitive UX, Mapsaurus takes app discovery to a new level – not just of ease, but also of convenience.

The app, which promises to help users "discover apps you never would have known to search for," can branch out an interactive web of apps and games based on apps you already have installed, curated subcategories, or general categories and function sets.

What's great about Mapsaurus is that it not only helps you find new apps and games, but that the selections it displays are curated to ensure that no "mediocre" or sub-par entries are suggested. The app even includes customizable filter settings that allow users to view suggestions based on minimum rating, number of downloads, and price. Users can also preview suggested apps in a handy preview pane and access their Play Store listings with one simple click.

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Besides its mobile experience, users can also access Mapsaurus on the web. The online site delivers the same great functionality as the mobile app, only without access to apps you've got installed.


Overall, the experience and functionality Mapsaurus provides are great. Considering how well it already functions, and the fact that tablet optimization is already planned and "coming soon," this is definitely an app to keep an eye on. Hit the widget below and find out what apps you never knew you needed.

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