As most of our readers are surely aware, the Apple vs Samsung case is still boiling, and over the course of nearly two weeks since the trial's beginning, document after document has revealed juicy details from both sides regarding previously unreleased designs, plans, and even sales figures. While so far we've avoided piecemeal coverage of the case's twists and turns, a new development (reported earlier this evening by The Verge) reveals something particularly interesting.


We've known for some time that Apple attempted to sell Samsung on patent licensing back in 2010, but according to a document released today (and the testimony of Apple Exec Boris Teksler), Apple had proposed specific dollar figures per license – up to $30 per Phone and $40 per tablet, to which (according to Apple's slide deck) "Samsung should respond favorably." According to the proposal, Samsung would be responsible for a base rate of $30 per touchscreen phone (including phones running Android, Windows, Symbian, and Bada) and $40 per tablet (which would decrease to just $30 over two years).


The proposal also included a plan for discounting licenses based on a list of factors that would apply to various devices. As an example, Apple used the Blackjack II, explaining various applicable discounts including discount for the QWERTY form factor (20% discount), Apple patents Microsoft had licensed for Windows Mobile (40% discount), and a cross-licensing deal for Samsung's own patents for another 20% discount, all adding up to an 80% discount for the Blackjack II.

You wouldn't be mistaken to think that these figures sound a bit exorbitant and it's anything but difficult to see why, in November 2010, negotiations were apparently a non-starter between the two giants.

Those interested in seeing Apple's full 2010 presentation to Samsung regarding patents and licensing can see the entire deck of slides below. In the presentation, Apple notes that Samsung is a "key partner," but that Apple "would have preferred that Samsung request a license to do this in advance."

Apple's August 2010 presentation to Samsung on iPhone patents

Via The Verge, All Things D