If you keep up with the wider electronics world, you know that Apple has introduced a proprietary streaming protocol for its computers and mobile devices called AirPlay. If you're one of the surprisingly large number of people who combines Apple and Android hardware, you'll want to check out Android HIFI, the pet project of an XDA Developers member. The app turns your Android device into an AirPlay receiver, allowing you to play music or standard audio from Mac or iOS hardware.

hifi1 hifi2 hifi3

At present the app is pretty basic: you can stream audio (and only audio) from a single source, adjust the delay to accommodate for other devices playing the same thing, and play the audio through your wired or Bluetooth headset. You can't perform the more useful trick of streaming to other AirPlay clients, like speaker docks or car stereos. (Again, if you want that, head on down to Target and pick up a Bluetooth-enabled speaker on the cheap.) Even so, it's a nifty implementation, and should be useful for members of the cult of Mac. The app's free, so check it out if you're interested.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

[Via XDA Blog]