In a post to its "Inside Search" blog, Google announced today that several improvements are currently being rolled out to mobile search (for phones and tablets), making some of the engine's quick answers "richer, more beautiful, and more interactive."

In the recent past, users have enjoyed improvements to weather and calculator searches, with handy interactive cards (reminiscent of Google Now's visual style).

Google is now updating a heaping handful of other quick answer features including finance, currency conversion, unit conversion, dictionary definitions, local time lookup, and holiday and sunrise times.

CurrencyConversion - Mobile Finance - Mobile flight status quick answer unit converter

With the aesthetic and functional improvements, Google Search will keep its intuitive quality – for example, a user could search for "how many miles are 42 kilometers" and see an interactive quick answer card with the answer to your query displayed prominently above a host of interactive elements.

In the blog post (linked below), Google indicates that these changes are rolling out "to those searching on in English on mobile and tablet" first, and encourages users to stay tuned as Google rolls these changes out to desktop and international users as well.

Source: Google, Inside Search