Samsung only made official the Galaxy Note 10.1 last night, but the company has already started releasing kernel source code to its Open Source Developer's Center.

In this case, there are two different versions of the source code available, for model numbers SHW-M480K and SHW-M480S. At first blush it's nearly impossible to cite the differences between the two, but after a bit of digging it looks like these are both carrier-connected 3G versions of the device. The "K" model appears to be for the Korea Telecom (usually just referred to as "KT") branded version and the "S" model applies to the Southern Korean Telecom variant. Ergo, this source doesn't seem to be compatible with the Wi-Fi only version, which is model SHW-M480W.


To grab the downloads, hit the source link below and select the appropriate model.

Samsung's Open Source Developer's Center

via Samsung Updates