Like clockwork, with the beginning of another month comes a roundup of the top new games from the previous month. July saw the introduction of a ton of new games to the Play Store, many worth coverage, and just a slightly lower number worthy of a spot in the top games of the month. It's not unusual for us to have trouble picking a "top five," but this month the choice was especially tough, so we've put together the top eight games from July 2012 for your gaming pleasure.

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger, which made a huge splash in the Play Store last month, is – hands down – one of the best games to have come out in a while. Madfinger delivered a first-person zombie killing gameplay dynamic that's second to none, releasing a game that appeals to just about everyone – not just fans of killing zombies.

The game, which is free in the Play Store, is set in the present day, though in an alternate reality in which major civilization has ended due to a "strange virus" – I'm sure you can see where this is going – and you play one of the few remaining humans left to fight off zombies until a way is found to stop them.

Dead Trigger has great graphics, optimizations for Tegra 3 devices, and a ton of missions (as well as weapons), ensuring that the game will keep you busy for hours.

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Overall, Dead Trigger is a game that I would definitely recommend to just about anybody looking for zombie-killing action, a compelling FPS, or just something awesome to pick up and play. Hit the widget below to grab the download.

Asphalt 7

There's no doubt that Gameloft's Asphalt franchise is one of the most successful racing series available for Android devices. Building on the previous six titles, Gameloft released Asphalt 7 last month, bringing tracks, graphics and racing action up another notch.

Asphalt 7 offers players the chance to race with 60 cars from manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin on 15 tracks set in a wide variety of real locations from London to Hawaii.

The game also features a revamped multiplayer experience, allowing players to race up to five competitors locally or online, chronicling victories with the new "Asphalt Tracker" which compares stats, showcases achievements, and allows players to challenge their racing rivals.

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Whether you're already a fan of the Asphalt series or just want an awesome, new racing game with great online play, you can't go wrong with Gameloft's Asphalt 7.

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Great Big War Game

Many of you probably remember a great game we covered way back in October of last year, aptly named Great Little War Game. The game, by Rubicon Development (who graciously offered input for our recent Going Indie post), brought thoughtfully-crafted turn-based strategy to Android with a fun art style and a great array of environments, weapons, etc. For those who missed our full review of Great Big War Game, it's a great sequel to the original, building on all the things players of the first War Game loved.

In this game, the Generalissimo is "back, causing more mayhem than ever." Players will enjoy an expanded single player campaign (with 50 missions), new online multiplayer options (including asynchronous turn-based play), and the same awesome art style introduced by the game's "Little" counterpart.

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Overall, Great Big War Game is as good (and in some areas better) than the original, and just as great at killing your spare time and satisfying your destructive streak. At $2.99, the game's price tag is anything but unreasonable. Hit the widget below and grab the download.

Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Developer: Rubicon Development
Price: $3.49+

Airbag Frank 3D

Airbag Frank 3D is undoubtedly the game that I had the most fun with last month. Besides its surreal, outlandish art style, the game is a fantastic time-killer, and can easily be picked up and played for minutes (or hours) at a time while still progressing toward goals.

The game has a simple slingshot-and-fly dynamic – players need only draw back the slingshot and watch Frank fly, strategically using powerups (by which I mean strategically flinging coconuts, watermelons, and broccoli at our hero Frank) to keep the action going. The game offers over 30 unlockables, from space-grade rocket packs to super-powerful bombs to a giant inflatable balloon, meaning players can expect to keep collecting coins and working for the next upgrade.

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There's no question that Airbag Frank 3D is an awesome game. Did I mention it's compatible with anaglyph red/blue, cyan/magenta, and yellow/blue 3D glasses? It is.

If you're looking for a ridiculously fun, addictive time-waster, download Airbag Frank 3D now. It's free in the Play Store (with no in-app purchases whatsoever), and those looking to support the developer can buy the game's Gold version for just $2.45.

Airbag Frank 3D
Airbag Frank 3D
Developer: MADE apps
Price: Free+

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Final Fantasy

Square Enix's release of Final Fantasy III in June had many users excited to bring one of the most beloved RPG series' to Android at long last. Users were less excited, however, to spend $16 on a mobile game. Following up on the launch's relative successes, SE released the original Final Fantasy in July for a (much) more reasonable $6.99.

Staying true to the 1987 original, Final Fantasy for Android features the same charming graphics, "sprawling" environments, compelling protagonists, and other elements that eventually became staples of the series.

The story, as some players may recall, follows four protagonists who are charged with traversing three continents, fighting all manner of enemies, and restoring four sacred crystals "to their former luster."

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Fans of classic RPGs and the original game alike will love Final Fantasy's Android iteration, and at $6.99, there's no question that it's a great deal over Final Fantasy III.

Price: $7.99

Iron Crusade

Challenging players everywhere to "conquer planet after planet," Wyse Games released Iron Crusade last month, a turn-based action game with nostalgic, fine-tuned 8-bit graphics and a fully destructible environment.

The game invites players to join the Imperial tank squad, piloting their own small apparatus against legions of enemy tanks. The task of freeing one planet after the next from tyrannical rule requires not only powerful machinery but a considerably amount of strategic thinking. While obliterating enemies, players can collect more ammo, first aid kits, and crystals that can be used to further upgrade your tank and weapons.

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If you want a "hardcore arcade" experience that's equal parts awesome gameplay and nostalgic art, Iron Crusade is a safe bet. At the price of $0.00, there's no excuse not to try it out.

Iron Crusade
Iron Crusade
Price: Free+

Amazing Alex

When Rovio first announced that they would be releasing a new game – specifically one that didn't feature birds or pigs – some readers were skeptical that it would live up to the success of Angry Birds. Despite all odds, however, Amazing Alex has made an amazing splash in the Play Store since its July 12th debut.

The game is an exciting physics puzzler in which players are challenged to help the titular protagonist in various tasks from cleaning up his room to battling cardboard robots. To do this, players must invent ingenious Rube Goldberg machines using common household items and toys.

Amazing Alex offers 100 levels spanning across four different environments, each keeping with an art style that fans of Angry Birds will feel right at home with. Perhaps an even bigger draw is that players can create and share their own levels.

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Those who aren't ready to commit to the full version's $0.99 price tag can pick up the free demo version to try out first, but once you start playing you're almost sure to find that the full version is worth the investment.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Metal Slug 3

Rounding out our roundup with another nostalgic hit, we've got Metal Slug 3. Based on the original NeoGeo classic, SNK Playmore's Metal Slug 3 hit the Play Store hard last month with everything fans of the original would expect and more.

Besides the game's classic arcade mode of gameplay, Playmore's Android version of Metal Slug 3 features a Mission Mode, giving players the ability to choose which stages to play. Another major plus is MS3's "intense" cooperative gameplay via Bluetooth, which allows players to partner with a friend to power through each stage.

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Fans of the original Metal Slug series will love MS3's Android adaptation, but the game also has a certain universal appeal to those that enjoy nostalgic 2D shooters. The game is a bit on the steep side at $6.99, but it's definitely worth trying out.

Price: $2.99

Final Thoughts

Well, that's it for this month. July saw a lot of great new games, but these eight are a sure hit for anybody looking to pick up something new to play. Of course, we'll be back next month to feature the best games of August but until then, keep an eye out for our other game (and app) roundups for more awesome new games.