MyColorScreen is a site where Android enthusiasts can show off the sometimes stunning UIs they design with various apps and mods. Most of what you come across on the site is fairly predictable; a different widget here and a custom wallpaper there. Although, on occasion someone creates something truly wonderful, and the new PIE UI from AdamF is definitely one of those.


The PIE UI theme is a unique UI that takes advantage of a number of apps like WidgetLocker, Nova Launcher, and Power Widget. The creator of the theme has hosted a .zip file you can download that has all the necessary files (but not the apps themselves) to recreate the interface as shown. You will essentially be restoring a Nova Launcher backup, applying a wallpaper, and adding some widgets and transparent icons. There is a handy video walkthrough that explains how to recreate the look.

Be aware that this is a single-screen UI, and much of the text is actually part of the background. That means it isn't the most flexible theme out there, but there are source files in the download, so you can alter things a little if you're comfortable in Photoshop. Happy theming.