Google Music has become quite the app over Android's lifecycle, and there are plenty of very solid alternatives out there. But the vast majority of them offer a rather tired way of accessing your local music collection, splitting them into the same artist, album, genre and playlist sections we've been using for decades. n7player Music Player (yes, it's repetitive) has a uniquely visual way of displaying your tunes, worth checking out for any music lover who wants to shake things up. We've covered this app before, but for the next week it'll only cost you a single greenback in the Google Play Store.

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n7player has all the usual features of a premium music app: auto-organization of local music files, homescreen and lockscreen widgets, lyric support, an integrated equalizer, et cetera. But what makes it interesting is the user interface, which displays artists and albums in photo or word grids, along with some spiffy animations. The Unlocker app (normally $2.99) turns the standard app from a two-week trial into an unlimited version.

n7player Music Player
n7player Music Player

Thanks, Mort!