Quick. Name the top three most time-consuming video games you can. Did you say RPGs, sims and "anything that even remotely looks like Farmville"? Well, one, Farmville already is kind of a sim so that doesn't really count and two, yes! Now, what happens if you mix all of these together into one big, colorful Japanese game? You get Kairobotica.

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Part of the game takes place in a sim space colony where you build shops, tech, and bolster your forces for missions. The rest of the game takes place in (surprise!) missions. Combat follows a turn-based RPG style and how well you do will determine how much you can invest in back at your base. It's actually a neat concept that merges both large-scale and small-scale stat-building.

Priced at $5, the game is just a tad on the higher end of the pricing range for an Android game, but it still looks like it will engage you long enough to be worth it. Also, if we can judge a game by how bright and colorful it is, this one is underpriced by a wide margin.

Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Price: $5.49