Remember when Angry Birds came out, and suddenly a ton of games popped up based on flinging things at other things in a physics simulation? Well, now it's the running game's turn to get a million "variants". Agent Dash is just the latest in a series of games that have come out centered around dodging stuff while your character continuously runs forward, apparently unable to slow down. The Eames-era style, though, certainly makes this one a looker.

If there's anything that can improve on the experience of running towards things, it's gotta be spy gadgets and jet packs, right? Agent Dash doesn't pile on a lot of extra crap. Sure, the game allows you to buy in-game money (who doesn't these days?), but there's only one type of currency and the ground is positively covered in it. It won't be that hard to live without in-app purchases here.

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While there are some items you can eventually buy if you save up enough diamonds, this game mainly prefers to stick to the basics: run at things and don't get hit by stuff. With graphics and a visual style that are above average for most mobile games these days (even better than the resident incumbent in the field, I daresay), Agent Dash is at least entertaining enough to be worth the free download.

Agent Dash
Agent Dash
Developer: Full Fat
Price: Free+