Following last month's major update to the Android Asset Studio, the studio's Device Frame Generator has been given a new home under the "Distribute" tab at For those not familiar, the Device Frame Generator is a tool that allows developers (or anyone, really) to wrap their screenshots in high-quality images of real devices, creating a stunning context for your app (or mockup).

Along with its new location, the generator has a new name: Device Art Generator. Users of the old generator will be happy to know that it has maintained its original functionality (like options for adding screen glare or shadow to your generated image), and works just as well (if not better) than before.


The only bad news is that the Device Art Generator only includes frames for the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Motorola Xoom, excluding the devices added to the Frame Generator in its last update. That being said, those looking to create great artwork with their screenshots for the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note, or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 can still access the old generator here.

To see Roman Nurik's announcement on Google+ or to check out the Device Art Generator for yourself, just hit the appropriate link below.

Source: Google+, Device Art Generator