Google has again updated the current platform version numbers, and they show a reasonably good uptick in the usage of Android 4.0 variants. However, Google's new baby, Jelly Bean, is still bumping along at less than 1% even with all those Nexus 7 tablets.


Last time Android 4.0 was almost 11%, so those new devices and updates are definitely helping. Gingerbread was, and still is the majority of devices, but it's dropped a few points from roughly 64% to a touch over 60% now. As a reminder, Gingerbread is 20 months old now, and there's really no reason for it to still be so prevalent when ICS has had over half a year to build. You can blame OEMs for the slow rollout of updates and devices shipping with old software.


If you look at the way the even older versions of the platform are changing, it's clear there is a contingent of users that are still using old devices, and aren't moving on. The numbers for Froyo and earlier are slipping very slowly, with Éclair dipping just 0.5% from July. I can only hope the Jelly Bean rollout goes faster than the ICS one has.  Here's a full breakdown of the changes since last month:

Version July % August % % Change
Cupcake 0.2 0.2 0
Donut 0.5 0.5 0
Eclair 4.7 4.2 -0.5
Froyo 17.3 15.5 -1.8
Gingerbread 64 60.6 -3.4
Honeycomb 2.4 2.3 -0.1
ICS 10.7 15.9 +5.2
Jelly Bean N/A 0.8 +0.8

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