Ouya just can't stay out of the headlines, can it? After recently announcing that the TV-centric Android gaming system would come with built-in OnLive support, the company is back to say that it's partnering with Square Enix to bring Final Fantasy III to your TV. If you live in Japan, this might be old news, but it marks the first time anywhere else that the game will be available via a television-based console.

ff31 ff32 ff33

Ouya says that not only will FFIII be on the platform at launch, but it will be updated for high-res gameplay and there will even be a free demo for users who aren't quite sold on the idea. Remember, one of the key principles of Ouya's approach is that all games on the console must either be free or have a free trial available. Fantastic.

For a Kickstarter project, and one that hasn't even finished its first round of fundraising, much less reached release, the Ouya is garnering quite a bit of attention from semi-major players in the industry. There is certainly a very long way to go, but it's looking better and better for the little console that could.

Source: Kickstarter