If you're a frequent traveler, you have no doubt heard about SeatGuru. This is a wonderful service that helps you figure out which seat will be the best on your next flight. At long last SeatGuru has released an Android app so you can get this invaluable information on the go.

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SeatGuru allows you to pull up a seat map for any plane by entering the flight number or browsing based on your itinerary. The map is interactive, allowing you to tap on each block of seats to get the relevant details. Is there a power outlet? Do the seats recline? Is there extra leg room? These are the kinds of questions SeatGuru will answer for you about any flight. You even get reminders about seats that are in inconvenient places, like too near the galley or lavatories.

The service has seat maps for over 100 airlines and 700 plane configurations. That seems like enough, right? In addition to all the seat data, you can track flights or shop for tickets (this is a TripAdvisor app, after all). SeatGuru is free, so check it out before your next flight.

Developer: Tripadvisor
Price: Free