Samsung's largest life raft smartphone has, thus far, been saddled to AT&T. Phret not phablet phans. Your dreams of using the nation's largest Samsung phone on the nation's fourth-largest national carrier are about to come true (sorry Sprint/Verizon users). T-Mobile has announced that the device will be available on a 2-year contract starting August 8th with pricing starting at $199 on a 2-year Value voice and data plans plus an added $20/month device financing charge. Alternatively, the device will cost $250 on a more traditional contract plan.

Today, T-Mobile announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note will be available at select T-Mobile retail stores and online at starting on August 8. Qualifying customers can pair the Galaxy Note with a Value voice and data plan with a two-year service agreement for $199.99 with an out-of-pocket down payment and 20 equal monthly payments of $20 per month with T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). The Galaxy Note is also offered with a Classic voice and data plan and will cost $249.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card with a two-year service agreement.

T-Mobile's slightly unusual contract structures aside, the Galaxy Note has sold remarkably well given the initial skepticism of the gadget community after its announcement. This will be an even better opportunity to introduce the more budget-conscious to the lavish new world of phones large enough to fit Rose and Jack on them.