I don't care how good graphics get - mobile, console, or PC - there's something that I absolutely love about the old-school Nintendo feel. Perhaps the 8-bit look and feel reminds me of my childhood, or maybe because it's just so simplistic. Whatever the reason, throwback-style games like the newly-released Iron Crusade are always welcome on my devices.

There's no denying that Iron Crusade draws inspiration from the classics of yesteryear, albeit with a modern day twist. The game features turn-based gameplay, realistic physics, 22 levels, fully upgradable weapons and tanks, varying enemies and bosses with each level, 15 different achievements, and, my personal favorite: fully destructible environments.

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Feed your desire for old-school gameplay and destroying entire planets all at one time - what more could you ask you for?

Iron Crusade
Iron Crusade
Price: Free+