With Olympics season in full swing, we've seen plenty of apps to help you keep track of which teams are winning which events, but not many that help you show off a little bit of national pride. Fortunately, Panasonic's Flag Tags app is here to help.

flag tags2 flag tags 3

The app is a bit of a novelty, but it works surprisingly well. You simply choose the flag colors you would like, take a picture of yourself (or select one from your gallery), and select the area of the photo in which your face appears. The app then paints your chosen flag colors onto your face in a surprisingly realistic way.

flag tags 4 flag tags 5

Once you have a "flag tag" you are happy with, you have the option of uploading it to Panasonic's public Flag tag gallery, or exporting it through any service you would like. If you want to show off your patriotism (or if you just really like flags) download it by hitting the widget below.