Firmware for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, including the full system dump, was leaked by SamMobile this weekend. As expected, the OS version in the dump is currently ICS 4.0.4 as opposed to Jelly Bean, but there is still a slim chance we'll see 4.1 at launch. The tablet has received a number of upgrades since the announcement at MWC earlier this year, the most notable ones being a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a stylus slot. It is still unclear when the Note 10.1 is going to launch.

Update: Some Basemark benchmark scores.

If you're a developer feeling especially adventurous today, you can download the full firmware by hitting the source link or the system dump I've already converted to ext4 from Samsung's proprietary format and mirrored below. I've also put together a full list of files in the system dump in case you want to peek ahead. Here it is:

Here are some properties I extracted from the system dump's build.prop:

  • Jul 20 20:55:33 KST 2012
  • ro.product.model=GT-N8000
  • ro.product.device=p4noterf
  • ro.product.board=smdk4x12
  • ro.board.platform=exynos4
  • ro.sf.lcd_density=160


Source: SamMobile