HTC Rezound owners may have a reason to get excited in the very, very near future. According to a leaked document, the Rezound may be seeing an update to Ice Cream Sandwich starting as soon as tomorrow, July 29th. The document says the OTA update should be about 292MB, so be sure to have your WiFi handy before you download.

As we mentioned before, there is a decent chance that the tip was fabricated. An update on a Sunday, "6/1" in the "available for pull" field, and inconsistent use of double digit dates are just some of the warning signs.


Of course, we are all waiting with bated breath for the arrival of Jelly Bean, but the more devices that break the 4.0 barrier, the better. Keeping in mind that prior to ICS, the last version of Android for phones came out over a year prior. It was also a significant change from previous versions. Jelly Bean may be preferable, but it's important that as many devices get some form of 4.x as possible.

That being said, we're eager to see how well that PDK helps manufacturers get these updates out faster. Waiting on you, guys.

There is also a chance that this anonymous tip was fabricated, but we should have a good idea whether that was the case very soon.

Thanks, Anon!