NVIDIA has just announced that the Tegra 3 chip will support the Wi-Fi Alliance's upcoming wireless display technology, called Miracast. Miracast uses Wi-Fi Direct to wirelessly deliver HD content - including movies, images, and games -from mobile devices directly to supported devices, like HDTVs and set-top boxes.

For an example of what will be possible with Miracast, have a look at this:

The Miracast wireless display certification program should launch within the coming months, enabling display manufactures and other vendors to start incorporating the standard into future devices. We've reached out to NVIDIA to get a bit more information on whether or not the standard could be incorporated into Google TV devices and the like via a firmware upgrade, and will update when we hear something back.

Update: As expected, they can't really tell us anything about existing devices at this time:

We can’t comment on existing device compatibility.

In the meantime, you can find out more information about Miracast here or take a look at NVIDIA's whitepaper on the upcoming technology here.