Every once in a while, a new game shows up on Android that really catches my attention. Sometimes it's the graphics, sometimes it's the gameplay itself. Sometimes it's both. The latter is the case with City of Secrets, which just recently landed in the Play Store.

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As far as gameplay is concerned, City of Secrets reminds me of Machinarium. The principle of the game is very similar: find various, somewhat hidden, objects and use them to solve puzzles. Of course, it looks nothing like Machinarium, but that doesn't mean it isn't equally as nice to look at - it's just different.

Like other games of this style, City of Secrets also features a hint system to help you along the way when you get stuck (always a nice touch).

The first level is completely free to play, but additional levels are unlockable via an in-app purchase. Each one will cost you 1500 "credits," or you can unlock them all for 5000 credits. You can purchase 1500 credit bundles for $0.99, but fortunately, there's also an option to grab 6000 credits for a mere $1.96. Ergo, you can unlock all levels for less than two bucks and still have some credits left over. Not bad.

The app was not found in the store. :-(