Update 7/24/12: The soak test has been delayed for unknown reasons:



So it begins. Motorola has just begun rolling out the initial soak test (read: not yet public) update for the WiFi Xoom (sorry, Verizon users) to Jelly Bean. As in previous versions, users who signed up for this update will be among the first to use the new OS, provide feedback and then, assuming there aren't major problems and bugs get fixed, the update will roll out to everyone else.


Of course, as with ICS, the Verizon Xoom is getting left behind. This is likely because Verizon needs to do extra testing to ensure that the network radios work and everything is functioning properly. For the ICS update, it took a few extra months to roll out the new hotness, but hey, Jelly Bean isn't as different from ICS as ICS was to previous versions of Android, right? Maybe it won't take as long.

We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

Thanks, Anon!